Just a Hint of what You’ll See if I Go to the Edwardian Ball for Steampunk Journal

The Kickstarter campaign to help me pay my way to the incredible Edwardian Ball is underway. So far we’ve already reached 1/3 of our goal of $425 to help me get to New Orleans! This is awesome, but I can’t … Continue reading Just a Hint of what You’ll See if I Go to the Edwardian Ball for Steampunk Journal

Starling pocket watch review

Introduction The Starling pocket watches are the result of a crowd funding campaign that saw the vision of a Silicon Valley Inventor and Disney Imagineer come fruition. There are six watches in creation and in this review, I’ll be taking a look at the Inception. Priced at around $99 (approx £68) the Starling Watch is available from Etsy via the Starling Watch website. Features It’s infrequent that something in masses of steampunk inventions that something catches my eye and makes me yearn it so much. Creations by the great makers such as Thomas Willeford, the late, great, Datamancer and images by Gary Nichols are a small … Continue reading Starling pocket watch review

Professor Elemental ApeQuest album review

Introduction The newest album from the good Professor centres around the mysterious disappearance of his apish butler Geoffrey. A lot of energy has been poured into this album and it includes an accompanying comic book, script and Assam tea blend. Prices start at £8.00 for the digital download of the album or £10.00 for the physical copy. Alternatively you can get the Deluxe pack for £20.00 which includes digital downloads of the album, comic, full script, four collector’s edition postcards and an ApeQuest badge. For more information, you can visit the main website by following this link: Professor Elemental website Overview Did you notice that over … Continue reading Professor Elemental ApeQuest album review