Cryptex USB Flash Drive review

The Cryptex from Steampunk Junkies is a portable USB storage device housed in a brass outer casing. Arguably its main feature is the mechanical numerical locking system. In order to access the USB stick and its contents, the correct combination must be input onto the cylindrical body. It works in the same way that a bicycle lock works by twisting each of the (five) rotating discs and aligning them together. Available as three options: 16Gb(£31 UK), 32Gb (£41 UK) and 64Gb (£61 UK) -the latter comes in gold. They’re available from the Steampunk Junkies website. The name Cryptex comes from the film “The Da Vinci Code” … Continue reading Cryptex USB Flash Drive review

Old Bony Blue Eyes clockpunk story

In a land filled with twisty wizard’s magic and the 16th century technology of Leonardo da Vinci, comes the latest book by fantasy author Lita Burke. Fantasy author Lita Burke has released Old Bony Blue Eyes, a new story in Ms. Burke’s Clockpunk Wizard series. It is available as an e-book through and other online venues. Set in a plate-shaped ocean world where magicians fly fantastic airships between floating islands, Wizard Kadmeion embarks on a dangerous journey to Sir Death’s castle to win a spell book for a love-starved dragon. “Clockpunk is the mellower cousin of the popular Steampunk … Continue reading Old Bony Blue Eyes clockpunk story