Steampunk News round up 02/03/2015

  Embed from Getty Images GalaxyFest returns to Colorado Springs: ‘Think of Comic-Con but a whole lot more’ Colorado Springs Gazette People will be dressed up as any kind of character, from steampunk to superhero to zombies, to whatever you want to dress up as,” said Michael Bliss… NEWEST SCI-FI SOUNDSETS FROM SYRINSCAPE, GIANT… Gamasutra Feel the earth shake and hear the grinding of gears as the enormous automaton wreaks havoc on civilization in the new Giant Steampunk Robot… Arizona Opera Incorporates Steampunk Style In Mozart’s ‘The Magic Flute’ KJZZ Since the beginning, it has had a fairy tale feel, … Continue reading Steampunk News round up 02/03/2015

Interview with Rabiah Al-Sibai of Datamancer Labs

The Computational Engine
The Nagy Magical-Movable-Type Pixello-Dynamotronic Computational Engine

Last year the global steampunk community lost one of its most cherished and well known characters. Richard “Doc” Nagy was the main designer and founder of Datamancer – the steampunk computer redesign company. In this frank interview, I talk to Rabiah Al-Sibai who has taken over operations of Datamancer Labs in the wake of their terrible loss. Here he talks of an employer and friend who had incredible vision, took a risk on his passion and spent days playing computer games when he should really have been working. Continue reading “Interview with Rabiah Al-Sibai of Datamancer Labs”