Weekend at the Asylum 9 report

Weekend at the Asylum IXIf you’re a steampunk of any level of interest, you must have heard the word “Asylum” bandied around recently. Unless you live under a rock. Or under a big pile of socks which happen to provide superb sound proofing. Or if you’ve been on a trip to Pluto to collect vital rock samples and regrettably didn’t return until after the August bank Holiday.

An event attended by thousands of steampunks and non-steampunks alike, this year reached around the 120,000 mark over the course of the extended weekend. Continue reading “Weekend at the Asylum 9 report”

Public surprised as crazy people go to Asylum

Hisilicon K3
Oilpunks dressed as steampunks voluntarily visit an asylum. It’s like something out of a Penny Dreadful.

Everyday people dressed in long clothing, fake guns and funny hats are actually voluntarily going to an Asylum this weekend. Several months ago, a researcher working on the trans-dimensional rift project accidentally made us known to the “Oilpunk” universe. In an incident involving a half eaten cucumber sandwich which was dropped on a control panel, single direction viewing was disabled.

Ever since that fateful day, we have been in constant communication with the people on the “other side”. Oilpunks will hold a grand festival in their version of Lincoln this weekend, it has been revealed. Continue reading “Public surprised as crazy people go to Asylum”

Weekend at the Asylum 2015 report

Lincoln Cathedral provides the backdrop for Weekend at the Asylum
Lincoln Cathedral provides the backdrop for Weekend at the Asylum

After spending two days at Weekend at the Asylum, I’ve returned the grey bleakness of rain. I only attended for two days, but that time was an exhausting, yet exhilarating time. The seventh installment was even bigger than the previous version with a lot more to do and a lot more people involved. Continue reading “Weekend at the Asylum 2015 report”