Grassington Dickensian Festival 2013

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White Rose steampunks warming up

I was invited by the White Rose steampunks Facebook group to meet them at the Dickensian Festival in Grassington today. It’s quite a drive from my home in Sheffield and my route finder took me on a peculiar journey. At first, I traversed the same roads as when I was on my way to Haworth including driving by the hotel I stayed at! Continue reading “Grassington Dickensian Festival 2013”

Steampunk short story book delayed

Sarah Hans is an author with a dream. She dreams of an anthology of steampunk short stories wrapped up in a binding bearing the title: Steampunk World However, her dreams have been quelled by authors promising work and then letting her down. She cannot get the project started on Kickstarter until she has enough work submitted. She possesses stories about white people on adventures, but she wants more stories about people and races overlooked by Western fiction. On her blog; she says: “One problem I’m having is a dearth of stories by writers of color. I’ve invited some more writers … Continue reading Steampunk short story book delayed

Why steampunk could take over the world

Before we start, the title isn’t a motivational effort to begin an uprising against governments. It’s actually a very serious suggestion about how the steampunk genre could be the foundation for the future of mankind. You see, for all our dressing up, inventions and fantastic face furniture, we’re sitting on the technology needed to create everyday items without modern materials, such as plastic. As it stands today, we have around 50 years of natural gas left in the world. There’s around the same in oil but around 300 years of coal left. What a great deal of people are overlooking … Continue reading Why steampunk could take over the world

Steampunk artist featured in new book

Local artist Camryn Forrest is featured in a new edition of author Art Donovan‘s The Art of Steampunk that’s coming out this month. It’s already received extreme praise from publications like Wired and New York Journal of Books for its inclusive look at steampunk, a genre that is growing in size everyday. Forrest specializes in snow globes and water globes that contain miniature and “curious” inventions. Her artwork tells a story, a story that fits well with the steampunk slogan cited in the book: “What the past would look like if the future had happened sooner.” Via: Westword Related articles … Continue reading Steampunk artist featured in new book

Second steampunk art book in the making

Via: Southampton Patch Art Donovan, the Southampton artist who curated the first museum exhibition of steampunk design, has revisited his authoritative book on the art movement, featuring more artists and works in other media. Steampunk is a fiction and art genre inspired by the Victorian era and the industrialized 19th century that re-images history with advanced inventions that are in keeping with the time period’s aesthetic. Continue reading Second steampunk art book in the making