Beautiful Sculptures to take you “Under the Steam” and “Under the Sea”

Automatons need not be confined to human-shaped robots when the whole animal kingdom is out there for mad scientists to toy with! I absolutely love the combination of the organic with the constructed so I am always collecting cool images of “mechanimals.” I’ll be publishing lots of these galleries over time, but I wanted to start with our scaly friends, the fish. If you have an image to share or you see something that has been mis-attributed please let me know by leaving a comment. Continue reading Beautiful Sculptures to take you “Under the Steam” and “Under the Sea”

Victor & The Bully Deathbed Confessions album review

Deathbed Confessions is the first album from Victor & The Bully
Sign tried to warn us about what Cameron would do after the referendum.

Deathbed Confessions Introduction

Deathbed Confessions is the debut album of Victor & The Bully, who have been around since 2013. During that time they’ve been busy touring around Britain getting their name known on the steampunk circuit. In this review, I’m having a listen to see if it’s worthy of staying in my CD collection.

Deathbed Confessions costs £10 and is available from their BigCartel page here: Victor and The Bully album Continue reading “Victor & The Bully Deathbed Confessions album review”