Progress (For Life) new single by Chasing The Dark

Progress (for life) is the brand new single by ex Metropolis front man Chris Longman. Chasing the Dark released the single on 16th February and are already lining up a new single. Progress has already been featured on GBJ Alternative Rock, West Norfolk Radio and steampunk’s very own online station GASP. Chasing the Dark is a solo outfit by Chris. He does everything from writing lyrics and music, to playing all instruments, recording them, mixing and mastering them. He also manages the artwork and marketing which is a huge undertaking in itself. When I spoke to him about his new venture, he had this to say: … Continue reading Progress (For Life) new single by Chasing The Dark

Announcement from Steampunk Experience


Steampunk Experience at Alt-Fest have released a statement regarding their future plans after the cancellation of Alt-Fest.
It seems that Dale Rowles of BB Blackdog – organiser of Steampunk Experience – has managed to salvage some form of an event and is now looking to secure last details. Read the official statement here:
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