Hidden Gems album review

Ever since the Captain strode onto the stage at Whitby Steampunk Weekend, I’ve been avidly following his moves. Waiting fervently for a copy of his album to review for the Journal. It’s finally arrived and I’ve spent the last two weeks letting the Captain’s smooth operatic voice slide into my ears.

Hidden Gems by Captain of the Lost Waves costs £12.00 and is available from the main website.

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Savant – Kali 47 music video features steampunk Native Americans

I’ve just watched the music video for Kali 47 from Savant. It’s an incredible, gory, special effects heavy film that features a bar brawl between steampunk cowboys and three demonic skeletal cowboys. The moves are amazing, the weaponary is stunning and is that a Brute Force bionic arm I see? Cut to the local Native American tribe and they are even sporting welding goggles (more for recognition, than actually fixing something with a welder). The choreography is fantastic, the effects are stunning and the cinematography is sublime. Take a look at it now on YouTube by following this link: Savant … Continue reading Savant – Kali 47 music video features steampunk Native Americans

Episode 4 of League of S.T.E.A.M.

The Adventures of the League of S.T.E.A.M. web series continues with “Here Comes the Bride” – in this fun short, a duo of eccentric inventors decide to construct the perfect woman for their lovelorn colleague… but of course, hilarity quickly ensues! The series is known for its enthusiastic references to pop-culture classics – look for nods to Weird Science, Star Trek, Bride of Frankenstein, and many more.  Milynn Sarley from Team Unicorn joins the cast with an elegant Steampunk-inspired take on the classic Bride character, brought to life in an over-the-top mad science sequence set to a Dubstep track by Johnny Atar of Klaypex.  The episode … Continue reading Episode 4 of League of S.T.E.A.M.