The popularity of late 19th century themed television

steampunk_journal_great_expectations2Back in the 1990’s it was popular to have a programme on the television where the newspapers could describe it as a “bodice ripper”, ie; it was set in the 17th/18th century and involved delicate ladies with heaving bosoms and manly men with white shirts and tight trousers. There was something for both mum and dad to watch essentially. The 2000s saw more popularity with present day action programmes and dramas. Fast forward to the twenty teens and it struck me the other day that there seems to be a lot of television shows and films that are set in the late 19th century at the moment. It made me wonder why it could be and there are a few theories I have mulling around inside my head. Continue reading “The popularity of late 19th century themed television”

Hendrick’s Gin launch The Flying Cucumber dirigible

NEW YORK, USA – Hendrick’s Gin is launching Hendrick’s Air. This new ambitious venture will commence with its flagship (and only) air craft: a massive dirigible christened The Flying Cucumber. “We have been continually surprised by the odd popularity of our unusual cucumber-infused gin,” explained Hendrick’s National Brand Ambassador Jim Ryan, “So taking on the challenge of air travel seemed like the next logical step.” Positioning itself against ordinary modes of travel, which Mr. Ryan stated “have devolved into a mundane state of expeditious predictability,” Hendrick’s Air will launch its fleet based on a single and majestic dirigible.  In contrast … Continue reading Hendrick’s Gin launch The Flying Cucumber dirigible

Steampunk News round up 12/03/2015

Local Cosplayer in international contest WJXT Jacksonville Fred Reed turned heads at DragonCon when he walked in wearing a steampunk Bender (from Futurama) costume, and it’s that kind of attention that… Clarence tackles swashbuckling opera with ‘Pirates’ Clarencebee Vitello said he has also chosen a steampunk style for set and costume design. The industrial, classical-inspired design helps the production fit into the… A Tasty, Steampunk Treat Huffington Post The cover copy calls Dennis O’Flaherty’s King of the Cracksmen a steampunk entertainment. The novel is that and more. In terms of style, it is a… Taste NY difference at cider events … Continue reading Steampunk News round up 12/03/2015

Poll: Which is the best steampunk look?

I’m interested in what type of steampunk you prefer to dress as or see when out. I know all the costumes are fantastic, but you must all have a favourite that you like to see when you go to events. So cast your vote on your favourite steampunk look. Which is the best?   Related articles When Ariel Goes Steampunk [Cosplay Pics] Poll: Pipe or no pipe? Steampunk Events for February 2014 Continue reading Poll: Which is the best steampunk look?

News round up 21/11/2013

©photofairground steampunk goggles
steampunk goggles ©photofairground

My dear friends, I must apologise for missing last week’s news round up. Sadly, life sometimes gets in the way and so I had far too much to do to get this particular task executed in time.

So, here is this weeks offering of interesting items from around the known world. They include a reworking of a 400 year old play, figure reports for a large steampunk weekend in Pennsylvania, followed by “rules” for getting the steampunk look. Top that with an interview with a steampunk author and a German web-series getting an airing and you have a decent amount to read on this week. Continue reading “News round up 21/11/2013”

Zane and the steampunk riders: Perfume Bandits

A new book has been released by Sudden Industries. The title is decidedly odd, but I’m inclined to forgive them given that it’s aimed to encourage boys aged 5-8 years old to get reading. It seems that at that age, they’re quite reluctant to do so. In my day, it would have been a scuff round the ear and bed with no supper if I refused to read my copy of A Child’s History of England by Charles Dickens on a nightly basis. New York, NY, October 1, 2013: Sudden Industries today announced the release of Zane and the Steampunk … Continue reading Zane and the steampunk riders: Perfume Bandits

British steampunk photographer exhibition

Gary Nichols, a British photographic artist taking the steampunk world by storm, is preparing to release the first tranche of his conceptualised neo-gothic fairy story eponymously based on the Victorian fairground attractions of The Imaginarium. This fantastical tale celebrates the redemption of one woman’s journey from ruination to salvation. Gary doesn’t just take photographs. He uses photographs to create art. Three of his original composite images have been chosen for an exhibition in New York City (between 25 July and 10 September) while he will be displaying the first chapters of The Imaginarium at “The Asylum” – the largest purely … Continue reading British steampunk photographer exhibition