New Zealand gear up for Octopus explosion

The New Zealand area of Dunedin is expecting to be engulfed by Octopuses as they arrive to mate, an article in Otago Daily Times wrote. The Common Octopus lives for around two years and have an arm span of around two metres. Despite having a sharp beak and being so large, they don’t pose a threat to people because they’re so shy, but do have a similar intelligence to that of a clever Dog. The article explains how the New Zealand Marine Studies Centre on Otago Harbour releases Octopuses that they’ve studied in order to let them mate. This decision … Continue reading New Zealand gear up for Octopus explosion

Interview with New Zealand’s Capital! Steampunk group

Stanley is Sir Hawthorne's entry in the Teapot Racing
Stanley is Sir Julius Hawthorne’s entry in the Teapot Racing

You all remember Tea Bombing and how everyone was going to try it, but never did? Well recently I became aware of arguably the best steampunk past-time in the world. Teapot Racing is a sport seemingly exclusive to the Wellington steampunk group “Capital! Steampunks”. Having raced radio controlled cars when I was around 15 years old, I was fascinated by what it entailed, so I got in touch with Col. Sir Julius Hawthorne – administrator of the group – to ask him all about it. This is an interview that you’ll really enjoy.

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Steampunk News round up 20/03/2015

Magic Leap just revealed an augmented reality steampunk shooter The Verge The game in the video bears the branding of Dr. Grordbort, a line of steampunk-esque guns, comics, and other products. Dr. Grordbort was created by… Why Flying A Solar Plane Around The World Is Not Victorian Folly CleanTechnica His expedition stood in the tradition of the Victorian age of exploration, when scientists and adventurers from Europe were high on self-esteem as well… Magnetic: Cage Closed Is Steampunk Portal With Magnets [VIDEO] Have you ever played around with two magnets, attracting and repelling them to make one float? Wondered … Continue reading Steampunk News round up 20/03/2015

News round up 10/10/13

Here is the latest steampunk news from around the globe: have found a delightful steampunk coffee shop. One would think it would be a tea shop, but you can’t have everything. The Yorkshire Evening Post have reported on the Leeds Steampunk Market. I managed to grab an interview with Jo which I will post forthwith, so keep an eye out for it. A history ball allows historical fans, Dr. Who enthusiasts and steampunks to get dressed up, according to the Kirkwood Patch. The Courier News in Chicago have told us there’s a zombie event in Elgin and steampunks will … Continue reading News round up 10/10/13

Call to arms as steampunk photographer sets out on an incredible adventure

copyright Gary Nicholls
copyright Gary Nicholls

You may remember a few days ago, I posted a story about Gary Nicholls – a steampunk photographer – who had a stunning photographic display at The Asylum in September.

Well now that’s over, he’s decided to go one better. He’s decided to embark on the kind of adventure that only a Victorian explorer would dare to try.
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Steampunk playground close to completion – lucky kids!

Following a delay caused by last month’s floods, the final items of equipment destined for the Friendly Bay Playground at Oamaru Harbour are expected to be lifted into place over the coming weeks. Although landscaping work has not started, only two pieces of equipment remain to be installed. Waitaki District Council corporate services manager Carolyn Carter said they would be in place ”soon”. Via: Continue reading Steampunk playground close to completion – lucky kids!