Perdido Street Station by China Mieville Review

Perdido Street Station is one of those works that was given the Steampunk label, but depending on how narrow of a definition you like to use for yourself, you may find it to be too far afield. For instance, the world of this book is pure fiction, no alternative future here. Several different species of sentient beings in addition to boring old humans populate the story. Some are insectile, others are cactus-like. As well as 7-foot tall bird people and these amphibious folks who can control water. These different races all live together, but separately, in a huge industrial city. The setting serves as a great lens … Continue reading Perdido Street Station by China Mieville Review

Arachnodactyl by Danny Knestaut Review

Okay, I can probably guess what you are thinking. The title of today’s book, Arachnodactyl, sounds like a lot like something that sprang from the mind of Ed Wood or was riffed to death by the MST3K crew. I know I was picturing a bizarre spider-pterodactyl hybrid creature flitting across a Syfy channel ad. In truth, the only monsters in this story are of the human variety, and it is both more serious and objectively better than the creature the title may evoke.  What is Arachnodactyl About? The main character is an 18-year-old farmhand and tinkerer named Ikey. He is the last surviving child of a home torn … Continue reading Arachnodactyl by Danny Knestaut Review