Octopus chosen as model for first squishy robot

Is the Octobot a prototype for a ruling automated Cthulhu of the future?The diverse and complex Octopus has been chosen as the model for a new type of robot that is being developed. There are plenty of positive reasons to develop this kind of robot. A robot that can squeeze through small gaps is perfect for search and rescue. The soft parts won’t hurt a person and will be less likely to wear down. What other creature has demonstrated those tendencies other than the Octopus? Continue reading “Octopus chosen as model for first squishy robot”

Doctors remove an Octopus from toddler’s throat

This isn’t a headline I ever considered I’d have to write, but this is a real story and tragic at the same time. According to NBC News, a two year old boy from Wichita, Kansas, was rushed to hospital on Wednesday after his 21 year old mother returned home to find her boyfriend performing CPR on him as he wasn’t breathing. Police documents seen by NBC say that the boy was taken to hospital where an “obstruction” was removed from his throat. Police have confirmed that it was a small Octopus such as what is used in the preparation of … Continue reading Doctors remove an Octopus from toddler’s throat

Travelling with your Octopus book review

Building on the success of his first book Walking your Octopus – and spin off activity book Coloring with your Octopus – Brian Kesinger is back with more observations on taking your favourite cephalopod out of the house.

With an RRP of $29.95 (£20.10), it’s currently available on Amazon for £21.99 ($32.77).

Continue reading “Travelling with your Octopus book review”

New Zealand gear up for Octopus explosion

The New Zealand area of Dunedin is expecting to be engulfed by Octopuses as they arrive to mate, an article in Otago Daily Times wrote. The Common Octopus lives for around two years and have an arm span of around two metres. Despite having a sharp beak and being so large, they don’t pose a threat to people because they’re so shy, but do have a similar intelligence to that of a clever Dog. The article explains how the New Zealand Marine Studies Centre on Otago Harbour releases Octopuses that they’ve studied in order to let them mate. This decision … Continue reading New Zealand gear up for Octopus explosion