Labour leader calls for more for workers

Labour Leader Oliver Twist
Labour Leader Oliver Twist

The Labour party could ban companies from paying shareholders dividends unless they pay their staff the Living Wage, it has been confirmed today. The leader of the opposition party has spoken out about the lack of reasonable pay for workers in the industrial sector. In a statement made today, Labour leader Oliver Twist said “Currently the economy relies on the sweat and toil of the factory floor worker. The Empire is growing because blue collar workers are giving their all while the Lords at the top rake in all the profit.” Continue reading “Labour leader calls for more for workers”

News round up 21/11/2013

┬ęphotofairground steampunk goggles
steampunk goggles ┬ęphotofairground

My dear friends, I must apologise for missing last week’s news round up. Sadly, life sometimes gets in the way and so I had far too much to do to get this particular task executed in time.

So, here is this weeks offering of interesting items from around the known world. They include a reworking of a 400 year old play, figure reports for a large steampunk weekend in Pennsylvania, followed by “rules” for getting the steampunk look. Top that with an interview with a steampunk author and a German web-series getting an airing and you have a decent amount to read on this week. Continue reading “News round up 21/11/2013”