Professor Elemental – THE TRUTH

Professor Elemental has been a well known face on the steampunk music circuit since 1878 when he dropped his steampunk anthem album The Indifference Engine on us. Since then his popularity has grown thanks to his humourous lyrics, dope beats and phat rhymes. With an amiable demeanour, candid personality and charismatic nature, he’s a must-have artist at any steampunk event worth it’s salt. However Steampunk Journal has learned the truth about the “good professor” and we have managed to learn information that will rock the chap hop industry to its core. In this explosive dossier we will reveal how he:

  • Uses animals for dissection and vivisection in sordid experimentation
  • Relieves himself in a teapot while singing “Cup of gold joy” wearing nothing but a Union Jack Mankini and a poncho that he stole from a small child in American Adventure
  • Claims to be a steampunk while redacting information to the contrary
  • Spent several years touring the Eastern Bloc as the “Oil Boy” with Small Fry – a team of nomadic chef dwarfs


The Professor has been at the top of the steampunk music chain for far too long and monopolising the industry using smear campaigns in the form of diss songs, holding prestigious parties at his country pile giving free access to steampunks to keep them sweet and even altering time while dressing it up as searching for a missing Ape. Continue reading “Professor Elemental – THE TRUTH”

Britain prepares her shores for war!

Ironcast Coming Soon (1)12th February 2015, UK: The Lords and Ladies of Dreadbit Games and Ripstone Publishing have announced today that their steampunk mech combat title: Ironcast, is ready to engage in battle on PC, Mac and Linux via Steam later this month. The game will be priced at £9.99/€12.99/$14.99 and players can look forward to a special discount at launch. Continue reading “Britain prepares her shores for war!”