The Hellfire Club opens to Membership

The Hellfire Club imagesAt the back end of last year a crowdfunding campaign to launch a new steampunk themed photography gallery site was started. Since then the creator has been organising shoots to put on the site as well as building it. Who is this enigmatic photographer with a vision for a community of steampunks to enjoy gathering together to discuss the finer points of the culture while appreciating the human body? Well, it’s me! Moriarty Viccar… Continue reading “The Hellfire Club opens to Membership”

Petzval (D)SLR lens from the Lomographic Society

Petzval lens isometric view
Petzval lens isometric view

The Lomographic Society and Zenit have teamed up to present a gorgeous new accessory for your photography. The Petzval lens is a redesigned version of the original Petzval from 1840. It’s a beautiful brass tube with modern lens elements and a mount to fit Nikon F and Canon EF SLR and DSLR. No communication is made from lens to camera and even the aperture uses the old Waterhouse system.

It looks a little weird on the end of a DSLR, but isn’t that what steampunk is all about? Not to mention that the actual development of this lens is steampunk essence in itself. The designs come from a Victorian lens with modern lens technology in an old fashioned design.

Take a look at the information below and let me know what you think. Continue reading “Petzval (D)SLR lens from the Lomographic Society”

The problem with photographers

steampunk couple
There are plenty of ways to get a good photograph of a steampunk
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As a photographer, I’m always on the look out for subjects to photograph and that’s one of the many reasons why steampunk appeals to me. I love the creation, the Victorian splendour, the smart clothes of the gentlemen and the shape that a corset produces on ladies. I have to admit that sometimes I feel a little ashamed of that previous point. I feel as though it somehow brings me down to a more primal attitude to women because I’m looking at the shape of their body and not the photographic element. But then as I sit back and look in more detail, I realise that in fact, I like how that shape looks in the rectangular frame of a photograph. Continue reading “The problem with photographers”

Steampunk Journal attending National Railway Museum Invasion

I’ll be heading on over to the National Railway Museum Invasion on Sunday February 9th in York, so if you’re going along, be sure to tip your hat. I’ll be reporting on the day and hopefully taking some pictures, but I always love to see photographs from more established steampunks. If you’d like to contribute some pictures, be sure to say hello and get a business card from me. The groups will be amassing around the Royal trains at around 11am. We will be having a wander around before going into York for some shopping. There is a photo shoot … Continue reading Steampunk Journal attending National Railway Museum Invasion

Best examples: Steampunk photography

Lex Machina photography
Copyright Lex Machina

With a background in photography, researching this article was a joy. The quality of work out there is breath taking. I will try to give credits and links where ever I can. If, however, you are the photographer of an image in this post and you require me to remove it, I will. I understand what it’s like, but rest assured, this post is celebrating the very best in quality photography of the steampunk genre. Continue reading “Best examples: Steampunk photography”

Photographer shows Modern Sheffield as it would look 100 years ago

A Sheffield photographer has began selling modern photographs of Sheffield shown as though the pictures themselves are turn of the century. By applying special filters to the photographs, they take on the appearance of 19th and early 20th century images such as wet plate, Calotype and Daguerrotype. “The vintage trend has never been more popular with styles such as shabby chic, retro and steampunk all leading the way, giving us a glimpse of how yesterday would look if it was today” said Matt Grayson, owner of photofairground. “With the Olde Fashioned style of photographs, I wanted to show landmarks of … Continue reading Photographer shows Modern Sheffield as it would look 100 years ago