The Hearse Song by Mr. E’s Ghastly Murder – Review

When people say they wonder what happens when die, they’re generally alluding to the spirit or soul. They speculate what happens to us on an ethereal level. Nobody really covers what actually happens to our physical form. This mass of globby carbon that transports our spirit around the planet for decades before failing on us. It seems that it’s up to Mr. E to explain it, and explain it he does in all it’s vile and nasty details. Called The Hearse Song (The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out), Mr. E creates a dark ambient vibe. Opening on a storm with a single bell toll … Continue reading The Hearse Song by Mr. E’s Ghastly Murder – Review

“Steampunk” iPad keyboard seeks funding through Kickstarter

Purists will probably email us about how the term “steampunk” does not cover the Miselu C.24, a piano-style keyboard for iPad currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. However, we maintain that there is something steampunk about moving, semi-weighted piano keys being attached to the touch sensitive iPad, essentially reversing evolution from buttons to touchpad. Plus, the C.24 folds around the iPad to function as a protective case that’s suitable for toting to your next gig — or subduing your attackers with a swift turn of Bartitsu. Via: Related articles Steampunk name generator Classical music virtuoso who plays piano and tablet Handmade … Continue reading “Steampunk” iPad keyboard seeks funding through Kickstarter