Steampunk on Kickstarter: September 2020 Edition

Greetings Steampunk lovers! I’m starting a monthly spotlight on Steampunk themed projects on Kickstarter, and occasionally I’ll also include other fun projects that fall into one of the other punk sub-genres, too. Let’s see what’s on tap for September. Publishing … Continue reading Steampunk on Kickstarter: September 2020 Edition

Free help for Authors wishing to self-publish

I found this press release recently and I’ve toyed with posting it as it may simply be a vehicle to get money out of hard earned aspiring authors. I would suggest reading fully what is required of you to take part in the free advice section. It may be that you have to subscribe. Only do that once you’re sure they don’t want you to get into a monthly payment or one off. Unless you want to, of course. I entered into a similar website for photography. I haven’t paid anything and I do keep getting a few emails with … Continue reading Free help for Authors wishing to self-publish

Steampunk stories are old hat

Datamancer steampunk laptop
Steampunk Laptop by Richard Nagy

According to a recent article by IO9, steampunk stories are in the top ten of the most reviled fiction genres by publishers at the moment. While there’s no hiding the current acceleration of steampunk as a fad by the general public, potential authors are using this spike in popularity to submit their works. Continue reading “Steampunk stories are old hat”