Professor Elemental to produce new English National Anthem

Professor Elemental portrait
Professor Elemental receives the news that he is to create the new English National Anthem. Image courtesy photofairground

Steampunk champion Professor Elemental has been asked by the House of Commons to provide a new National Anthem for England after it was revealed that the home nation doesn’t have a dedicated song to play at sporting events or as the Army march into war…  liberation efforts abroad. Continue reading “Professor Elemental to produce new English National Anthem”

What came before steampunk?

Note: time references aren’t exact and you may disagree.

There’s a lot of debate at the moment about where steampunk starts and ends. I think a lot of people are missing the point because steampunk doesn’t end anywhere. It goes into the future. They say “Dieselpunk starts at the 1940s and 50s”. That’s true, but it doesn’t mean that steampunk ends there. In a steampunk universe, World War 2 and beyond can still happen, but the weaponry and clothing would retain an element of the late 19th/early 20th century design. Continue reading “What came before steampunk?”

Chronology of a steampunk universe – The Past

7315There’s no denying where we get our inspiration from. Regardless of whether you’re a top hatted Victorian gentleman strolling through the park on a delightful summer’s evening or if you’re a deep space explorer using a self recycling steam powered quantum engine to travel through the stars, there will be some kind of connection to the Victorian era in your designs. Continue reading “Chronology of a steampunk universe – The Past”

Britain prepares her shores for war!

Ironcast Coming Soon (1)12th February 2015, UK: The Lords and Ladies of Dreadbit Games and Ripstone Publishing have announced today that their steampunk mech combat title: Ironcast, is ready to engage in battle on PC, Mac and Linux via Steam later this month. The game will be priced at £9.99/€12.99/$14.99 and players can look forward to a special discount at launch. Continue reading “Britain prepares her shores for war!”


Image by High Royds Hospital
Image by High Royds Hospital

There’s a lot to do this weekend at the Asylum. What will you do? Along with all other attendees, I’ve received a programme, but maybe you’re not going this year and want to know what’s happening or you may be planning to go next year and want to know what it’s like. Bookmark Steampunk Journal as I’ll be covering the Asylum after the event. I might even update you as it happens. Continue reading “ASYLUM! TOMORROW!”