The Softer Side of Jules Verne: “Martin Paz” Review by Victoria L. Szulc

Like most struggling writers, Jules Verne penned short pieces to gain an audience long before he wrote the things that made him famous. “Martin Paz” is one of these early works you’ve probably never heard of, but it’s packed with adventure and romance. In addition, some themes in “Martin Paz” echo issues that are still prevalent in modern times such as racism, corruption, and privilege. What is “Martin Paz” About? In vibrant Victorian Lima, Peru, Martin Paz is a Native Peruvian Chieftain thrown into the conflicts of a growing multi-cultural city. A beautiful young Jewish woman named Sarah inadvertently interrupts a call to Christian prayer. And … Continue reading The Softer Side of Jules Verne: “Martin Paz” Review by Victoria L. Szulc

Cinema for Steampunks: Kate & Leopold

Wait, You’re Saying This Movie is STEAMPUNK?! But, but, but…! I may be new around the Journal, but I’ve been doing movie reviews going on four years now. I thought I’d include a little disclaimer for this one. As a reviewer and a fan of everything Steampunk, I cast a very wide net. I don’t see my job as limiting what goes into the Steampunk canon. I’m here to seek out and share those things that will appeal to fans – even if they never would have thought of it themselves. Kate & Leopold, a sweet rom-com starring one my perennial favorites, Meg Ryan, and the delicious Hugh Jackman, … Continue reading Cinema for Steampunks: Kate & Leopold