Steampunk’d Series One, Episode One review

steampunkThe steampunk community had a World’s first on 19th August 2015 with the airing of reality “maker” show Steampunk’d. Hosted by Jeannie Mai, the contest features ten well known steampunk creators that have to design, build and fabricate their way through to the judging section at the end, featuring Thomas Willeford, Kato and Matt King. The winner of the overall show gets a grand prize of $100,000. Continue reading “Steampunk’d Series One, Episode One review”

Cabaret act spreads the steampunk word

Society once gave artists tacit license to shock the bourgeoisie, hoping that the artists would produce modern masterpieces. These days, with our most prominent politicians, celebrities and athletes — to say nothing of the “real” housewives of various American cities — exploding the boundaries of social acceptability as forcefully as any poète maudit ever did, the Miser has trouble imagining a still-shockable bourgeoisie. The mainstream seems to have put the avant-garde out of business. One novel response, Steampunk, has encouraged artists and thinkers to move forward by going back, resulting in a mash-up of Eisenhower-era sci-fi, Victorian arts and crafts, … Continue reading Cabaret act spreads the steampunk word