Grassington Dickensian Festival 2013

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White Rose steampunks warming up

I was invited by the White Rose steampunks Facebook group to meet them at the Dickensian Festival in Grassington today. It’s quite a drive from my home in Sheffield and my route finder took me on a peculiar journey. At first, I traversed the same roads as when I was on my way to Haworth including driving by the hotel I stayed at! Continue reading “Grassington Dickensian Festival 2013”

Pictures from Leeds Steampunk Market 05-06/10/2013

A selection of photographs have been kindly sent to the Journal by Jo Neal, organiser of the Leeds Steampunk Market. I went on the Saturday and the pictures here are from that day.

They just go to show what a wonderful culture it is, rich in creativity and full of the friendliest, most courteous oddballs in the land. Continue reading “Pictures from Leeds Steampunk Market 05-06/10/2013”

Interview with Jo Neal from Leeds Steampunk Market

Leeds steampunk Market
Jo Dee Neal – Leeds Steampunk Market organiser.

While visiting the Leeds Steampunk Market as part of the 1000 people who attended over the weekend, I managed to track down Jo Neal, the organiser. You may have spotted her as the tall, slim lady with the pirate hat and moving at a speed that not even a pair of hydraulic leg enhancers could catch up with. However, at the end of the day, I managed to pull her to one side and while we had a cup of tea (no cake as it had all sold out – thanks, steampunks), she told me all about what it’s like to organise the market, the people they have attending and how much she harasses people. Continue reading “Interview with Jo Neal from Leeds Steampunk Market”

Ama-Con returning at twice the size

Much like the Hulk, Amarillo’s only comic book convention is growing rapidly this year. Ama-Con – set for Saturday in Amarillo Civic Center’s Heritage Ballroom and Regency Room, 401 S. Buchanan St. – will bring together fans of comics, anime, steampunk and other genre fiction in an event sponsored by Amarillo Public Library and Friends of the Library. “We’ll have 72 booths this year, which has basically doubled our booth space,” said Amanda Hope Shelburne, assistant coordinator of youth services for the library. “The response has been amazing (for booths). It started the day after the event last year, really.” … Continue reading Ama-Con returning at twice the size