Steampunk will never die…. Or will it?

A recent article in Burbank Leader told of how a company called Clockwork Couture based in Burbank, California has moved the steampunk clothing store from the ground floor of the property on Main Street to the upstairs space. In place of the store that sells steampunk related accessories and such like, owner Donna Ricci has opened up a tea shop for “nerds, geeks and anglophiles”. Named “Geeky Teas”, the café is inspired especially by Doctor Who and the entrance is through the blue Police Box doors of the T.A.R.D.I.S. Continue reading “Steampunk will never die…. Or will it?”

Lots to do at Lake Tahoe, including a steampunk expo

High Desert Steampunk Expo
High Desert Steampunk Expo

Lake Tahoe March 23, 2015 – With many unforgettable destinations throughout the state, Nevada has long been a favorite for travelers all year round, shares GetAways Resort Management. In fact, the Reno and Lake Tahoe area of Nevada is a fantastic travel destination because it is full of endless opportunities for entertainment with limited time events, shows, and more. This April, travelers are encouraged to visit the area during a stay at the Tahoe Summit Village in Stateline, which is just a short drive away from the lively nightlife of Reno. Here they can not only enjoy an extraordinary resort stay with luxurious accommodations but also a number of unforgettable events like those recommended here by GetAways Resort Management.

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Countdown to Whitby Goth Weekend

Embed from Getty Images Starting on October 31st and running for three days, there’s less than three weeks to go until Whitby Goth Weekend, where thousands of people will descend on the small coastal town. From Goths, Emos, Bikers and Metallers to Punks and steampunks; Whitby Goth Weekend is a hive of activity, people dressing up, showing off their costuming skills or simply meeting up with friends. Up until the start of the event, I’ll be posting various articles on what to expect, but please also read previous articles on how to conduct one’s self when photographing people. In this … Continue reading Countdown to Whitby Goth Weekend

Apothecarium alternative craft fair at The Civic, Barnsley


The Panorama
29 November 2014
10am – 4pm
Free Admission

Apothecarium @ The Civic is a delicious addition to the South Yorkshire craft scene. Featuring a variety of different makers, this fair will concentrate on the alternative side of craft, encompassing all things gothic, steampunk, rock, punk and geek. Continue reading “Apothecarium alternative craft fair at The Civic, Barnsley”

Four days remaining until Asylum VI

It will be my first time at Asylum and I’m there on behalf of Steampunk Journal, so please make sure you say hello. I like taking pictures of people, but sometimes feel a little shy to ask, so please feel free to offer as well. I’m looking forward to seeing you there. There may be still tickets available. Why not take a look here: Asylum VI ticket website Related articles Steampunk stories are old hat Happy Birthday Steampunk Journal Twelve of the most splendidly amusing steampunk memes Steampunk Continue reading Four days remaining until Asylum VI

Knicks Knacks Antiques Emporium review

Knicks Knacks Antiques Emporium review
Knicks Knacks Antiques Emporium front


While recently visiting the East coast of England, I stumbled across a small antiques outlet called Knicks Knacks Antiques Emporium which is located in Sutton-on-Sea in Lincolnshire. Easily identifiable by the masses of antique furniture on the pavement and the two mannequins dressed in period clothing, the small shop is owned by husband and wife team Robin & Jeannie Nicholson. What I found on the inside is nothing short of spectacular. Continue reading “Knicks Knacks Antiques Emporium review”

Heresy n Heelz Alternative & Burlesque Fair birthday revisit

alternative & burlesque fair performer
Slinky Sparkles. Copyright photofairground, used with permission

I mentioned in the Journal’s birthday post that the Alternative & Burlesque Fair was my first official press event, so I thought it fitting that, as they were back in Sheffield so close to the anniversary, I would pay them another visit and I’m ever so glad that I did. Continue reading “Heresy n Heelz Alternative & Burlesque Fair birthday revisit”