The future of steampunks at Whitby Goth Weekend

Another Whitby Goth Weekend has been and gone and the arguments have started again. This time, it seems less about the paparazzi style invasive photographers and more about the weapons issue that I mentioned in this article from the last WGW (Whitby Goth Weekend). There’s also a relatively new problem that seems to be rearing its head. That problem is disgruntled Goths who attend the event but don’t think that steampunks should be there. Whitby Goth Weekend press coverage In the Guardian, they posted a number of pictures of the event but somehow seemed to miss Goths off of the … Continue reading The future of steampunks at Whitby Goth Weekend

Steampunk hotel in Kuala Lumpur

Steampunk loft lighting system
Steampunk loft lighting system

Because of the recent ever increasing arguments on what is and isn’t steampunk on social media, I’ve taken a more black and white approach to it. As far as I’m concerned, if you think and say it’s steampunk, then it’s steampunk; if you don’t, it’s not.

That is until something like the Steampunk loft featured on airbnb gets thrown into the equation. You see, the owner describes it as steampunk and it has strong steampunk elements to it. So why am I questioning it? Continue reading “Steampunk hotel in Kuala Lumpur”