Dan Marshall’s ‘The Swindle’ Stealing onto Consoles in 2015

theSwindle1London – 12.02.2014: Curve Digital are pleased to announced a partnership with Size Five Games to bring their Steampunk Cybercrime Caper, The Swindle, to all major consoles in 2015. The console version of The Swindle will be developed and published by Curve, and will launch alongside the PC version on the Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Wii U later this year. Continue reading “Dan Marshall’s ‘The Swindle’ Stealing onto Consoles in 2015”

Guns of Icarus looking to PS4

Guns of Icarus Online has been available on PC since October, but developer Muse Games seeks to take its steampunk air combat shooter to new horizons. Namely, PS4. The game puts a squad of players aboard massive airships, as they all work together to man heavy machine guns, make necessary repairs, and maintain a course of flight. Players communicate roles to one another and switch back-and-forth as needed. Read the full story here: ShackNews.com Related articles GamesCom: PS4 and PS Vita Indie Games Guns of Icarus Online Review The Moth’s Return: Icarus Inconsolable Continue reading Guns of Icarus looking to PS4

Catwoman takes on a steampunk theme in Injustice

I say, I visited a friend of mine during the week as a pre-emptive catch up before our weekend exploits of drinking, smoking and debauchery. We decided to spend the evening playing Injustice on Microsoft’s electronic gaming console. My word, along with being a stellar game, have you seen Catwoman? I don’t profess to being that interested in video games or the characters, but really! I actually think I may be a little bit in love. See the pictures for yourself and try to deny it. Related articles Steampunk LEGO Batman Discover steampunk at Milleville’s Third Friday event Continue reading Catwoman takes on a steampunk theme in Injustice