Steampunk Doncaster to return in 2014

Earlier this year, three steampunks hosted an event in Doncaster – arguably the home of steam – and, by Harry they managed it. Thanks to this success, Group Captain Tony “Bootstrap” Bates, Captain Candice Foers-Bates and Craig Hallam are organising a second event in 2014. Nicknamed Tiffin in the Park, it will feature many of the original events that took place this year as well as some extra. I can’t wait to see them since I couldn’t make it earlier this year. Tiffin in the Park will be held in the Doncaster Deaf Trust facilities which has parking and also … Continue reading Steampunk Doncaster to return in 2014

Steampunk Journal attends The Alternative & Burlesque Fair

At the Journal, I like getting out and meeting new people. The steampunk community is such a warm and welcoming lot, that it’s impossible to not enjoy their company. So today, I attended The Alternative & Burlesque Fair at the Corporation Nightclub in Sheffield. It’s a wondrous affair with market stalls selling their wares and burlesque dancers giving shows to keep the crowd in the mood. I’ve a number of images that I took on my electronic picture reproduction device. I’ll post them in due course, so please check back. In the mean time, I’d like to extend my gratitude … Continue reading Steampunk Journal attends The Alternative & Burlesque Fair

Photographer shows Modern Sheffield as it would look 100 years ago

A Sheffield photographer has began selling modern photographs of Sheffield shown as though the pictures themselves are turn of the century. By applying special filters to the photographs, they take on the appearance of 19th and early 20th century images such as wet plate, Calotype and Daguerrotype. “The vintage trend has never been more popular with styles such as shabby chic, retro and steampunk all leading the way, giving us a glimpse of how yesterday would look if it was today” said Matt Grayson, owner of photofairground. “With the Olde Fashioned style of photographs, I wanted to show landmarks of … Continue reading Photographer shows Modern Sheffield as it would look 100 years ago

Report on Doncaster steampunk Fayre

Via: Sheffield Star The sights and sounds of Steampunk came to Doncaster for two whole days for a feast of colour, costumes and creativity. The two day event, held at a variety of locations across the town, saw steampunk enthusiasts pulling on all their finery for a promenade of the parish, as well as taking part in talent contests, literature, photo workshops and a wide range of other events, most of which took place at the Doncaster School for the Deaf. The event, the first of its kind in Doncaster, is set to become a regular event and focused on … Continue reading Report on Doncaster steampunk Fayre