Public surprised as crazy people go to Asylum

Hisilicon K3
Oilpunks dressed as steampunks voluntarily visit an asylum. It’s like something out of a Penny Dreadful.

Everyday people dressed in long clothing, fake guns and funny hats are actually voluntarily going to an Asylum this weekend. Several months ago, a researcher working on the trans-dimensional rift project accidentally made us known to the “Oilpunk” universe. In an incident involving a half eaten cucumber sandwich which was dropped on a control panel, single direction viewing was disabled.

Ever since that fateful day, we have been in constant communication with the people on the “other side”. Oilpunks will hold a grand festival in their version of Lincoln this weekend, it has been revealed. Continue reading “Public surprised as crazy people go to Asylum”

Mr Strange’s Wonderful World of Weird album review

Introduction I’ve been sitting on this album for over a year as I try to get the Journal into some kind of professional looking outfit worthy of placing an album like this on the pages. So here we are. Now I like to see a certain element of entertainment when I choose my musical interests. That’s why I like such varied musical tastes as Steam Powered Giraffe, Professor Elemental, Marilyn Manson and Slipknot. While they’re all very different in their musical styles, there’s no denying their ability to create characters from charming Victorian rap to depraved psychotic metal. Mr Strange are in a completely different league. … Continue reading Mr Strange’s Wonderful World of Weird album review

Steampunk News round up 16/03/2015

PERRIS: Steam punk festival chugs into OERM Press-Enterprise John and Terry Wold of Riverside, who attended last year’s Steampunk Carnivale, are fans of Steam Powered Giraffe. They said the band incorporates… Friday’s papers: Sámi identity, school mornings, Donner redux and a steampunk gin joint YLE News On 13 March the Finnish newspapers again preview the upcoming elections and the last full day of this Parliament’s legislative term, with MPs… Pinkies Up! Victorian tea etiquette is topic at Shore Cultural Center event Sunday, March 29 (blog) Although you have the option of bringing your own tea cup and saucer to … Continue reading Steampunk News round up 16/03/2015

Episode 4 of League of S.T.E.A.M.

The Adventures of the League of S.T.E.A.M. web series continues with “Here Comes the Bride” – in this fun short, a duo of eccentric inventors decide to construct the perfect woman for their lovelorn colleague… but of course, hilarity quickly ensues! The series is known for its enthusiastic references to pop-culture classics – look for nods to Weird Science, Star Trek, Bride of Frankenstein, and many more.  Milynn Sarley from Team Unicorn joins the cast with an elegant Steampunk-inspired take on the classic Bride character, brought to life in an over-the-top mad science sequence set to a Dubstep track by Johnny Atar of Klaypex.  The episode … Continue reading Episode 4 of League of S.T.E.A.M.

The back story to Steampunk Freddy

steampunk_freddy3The first horror film I ever watched was A Nightmare on Elm Street 2. I was around 12 years old and I found Freddy fascinating. I quickly became obsessed with him, buying the rest of the films as they were released, looking for news items and articles or interviews. I had a huge poster of Freddy on my wall. I think this fascination was what made me tolerant to horror films in general. It’s a great concept; a child killer (a controversial subject even now) is murdered by a lynch mob consisting of the parents of the kids he killed. They burn him alive. Instead of dying, he makes a deal with a demon and comes back to kill again. Krueger invades people’s dreams and hunts them through malicious games of cat and mouse. Continue reading “The back story to Steampunk Freddy”

Poll: What music genre captures the spirit of steampunk?

If I was to ask what band or artist was the most steampunk, we’d be here all day. I also saw an article recently that told us Electro Swing was the music choice for steampunk. I’m not entirely sure where that came from, so I thought I’d put it to you. Therefore, I’m curious to find out what type of music you think captures the spirit of steampunk. Related articles Steampunk model gets trouble for not being steampunk enough Continue reading Poll: What music genre captures the spirit of steampunk?

Author Spotlight: Warren Ellis

by Warren Ellis
Captain Swing and the Electrical Pirates of Cindery Island

Though he’s probably best known for his work on superhero stories such as Astonishing X-men, writer Warren Ellis has dipped his comic-scripting toe in a wide range of genres, from history to crime to science fiction. So it’s hardly surprising to find that he’s written some steampunk, and that it’s really rather good. Continue reading “Author Spotlight: Warren Ellis”