Raising Steam by Terry Pratchett Review

One of the greatest gifts the Mister ever gave me was to introduce me to the Discworld books. Every single one of Terry Pratchett’s huge bibliography has been delightful and witty. Raising SteamĀ (2013) is no exception. If you aren’t familiar with Discworld, here’s a quick overview. This is a world full of wizards, witches, vampires, werewolves, dwarves, trolls, and goblins, but they more or less seem to be getting along. The major-ist city is called Ank-Morpork, and it is usually the driving force for “progress” on the Discworld. Over the course of 40 books, Pratchett has created dozens of fantastic characters, but I’ve always had a … Continue reading Raising Steam by Terry Pratchett Review

Interview with Nix Whittaker – Steampunk author

author-photoNix Whittaker is a New Zealand based up and coming author. Her new novel – Blazing Blunderbuss – is available in May 2016 and is a heady adventure full of pirates, magic and dragons disguised as mathematicians. I managed to get a few questions over to her by email so I could find out more about this interesting world she’s created. Continue reading “Interview with Nix Whittaker – Steampunk author”