The Manchurian Pass by Victor Sierra album review

Over the past 12 months, Victor Sierra have really upped their game in the UK steampunk scene. They’ve always been there, pottering about in the fringes – popular in mainland Europe and with a steadily growing fanbase in the UK. Since appearing at The Asylum in 2017, they’ve increased their visibility. They are highly active on social media and are performing at more events such as Hebden Bridge Steampunk weekend and Northstar. Victor Sierra consists of three members; Commander Bob, The Legendary Converted Princess and Big Machine. Commander Bob and Converted Princess are co-founders of the group and provide the main bulk of vocals. On Manchurian … Continue reading The Manchurian Pass by Victor Sierra album review

GDPR is coming and Steampunk Journal is compliant

A recent change in the law about how websites store and use visitors’ identifiable and non-identifiable information comes into force on 25th May 2018. You may have noticed receiving a lot of emails from companies recently about getting permission to send you emails. That’s because the new law has strict consent rules that means a company has to ask your permission with what they want to do with your details. Even the data that doesn’t identify you as a person. Steampunk Journal has always maintained a strict ethos of never selling or sharing details of our readers with third parties … Continue reading GDPR is coming and Steampunk Journal is compliant

Steampunk Junkies PowerSource power bank review

Just under a year ago I reviewed the Cryptex USB Flash Drive from Steampunk Junkies. I thought I’d give you readers a little time to fully digest all the exceptional wordsmithery and inclusive critical data. Now, ten days short of the one year anniversary from that review which I expect you’ve ALL read, I’ve turned my attention to the PowerSource power bank. A power bank is essentially a portable mobile battery for your phone or tablet. It stores power until you need it and then you simply plug your device in when needed. It then mimics a mains connection and adds power. The PowerSource is a … Continue reading Steampunk Junkies PowerSource power bank review

Ring Around The Rosie by Play to the Gallery album review

Play to the Gallery are a five piece band from Michigan consisting of Christopher, Stephen, Kurt, Matt and Abbey. On stage they adopt character personas of The Barker, The Conjurer, The Gadgeteer, The Professor and The Stargazer respectively. They describe themselves as a “unique theatrical experience coupled with dance-able, original music” in a steampunk style. I was sent their album to listen to a few weeks ago. They have an interesting style of music which prioritises traditional band instruments but occasionally injects elements of electronica. The sound which – without seeing them dressed up – could be mistaken as mainstream rock with their own twist, but with … Continue reading Ring Around The Rosie by Play to the Gallery album review