Every Black Day EP sampler review

I first met Dave Redford from Every Black Day at a video shoot for another band The Storm Trees. Richard Nettleship had asked for steampunks as extras in his video and we both gave our time to help make it happen. I reported on it, which you can see by following this link. Dave is also a member of Sheffield Steampunk Society so when we saw each other again – admittedly a year or so later – he gave me a CD which contains a selection of the band’s music. Every Black Day have been around since 2012 and have been working the local gig scene … Continue reading Every Black Day EP sampler review

The Dark Design – Three Wishes EP review

While at the Phoenix Alternative Festival, one of the acts I managed to watch was The Dark Design. The band aren’t a typical three-piece. Not only in the way that there can be anything up to ten of them. But that they inject steampunk directly into the operation of their percussion. Steampunk influences bands in many ways; be it through lyrical content, instruments used, fashion or character development. Othneil and co go about it somewhat differently though. According to legend their percussion system is operated by a long deceased member of the band called Daphne Desilva. It’s actually an automaton percussive system designed, built and operated … Continue reading The Dark Design – Three Wishes EP review

Are Steampunks Running the Risk of Losing their Polite Reputation?

Datamancer Seafarer keyboard £1,372.69The internet is a wonderful place. It holds all of human wisdom and knowledge. It’s a place where you can go and voice your opinion knowing that someone out there will see it. Over the years it’s gotten to be a place where the people who would normally simply sound off to a few friends in the pub now have a platform of thousands, if not millions to listen to them. Continue reading “Are Steampunks Running the Risk of Losing their Polite Reputation?”

Jupiter Chronicles 3: The Orb of Terra released

Author Leonardo Ramirez highlights the importance of family with his new Steampunk Middle Grade release. “Peer pressure can be toxic when it tries to infuse habits that are damaging to self, especially when it comes to children and teenagers. Family can be a compass that guides us to our ultimate destiny and a shield against influences that try to degrade its values and cohesiveness,” the author believes. The Jupiter Chronicles Book 3: The Orb of Terra In the tradition of “City of Ember”, “A Wrinkle in Time”, “Star Wars”, this family adventure is a high stakes space race to save … Continue reading Jupiter Chronicles 3: The Orb of Terra released