Bad Day at Growler’s Rock by The Wattingers Album Review

Steampunk is a very interesting place. People can be whoever they want to be and it creates a universe of incredibly unique characters. The Wattingers easily fall into the category of “incredibly unique”. Based on the families that are typically portrayed in horror films as psychotic hillbillies, driven crazy from solitude and generations of inbreeding. Less so on the latter with the Wattingers I feel, but they have lost none of their grim darkness. The new album Bad Day at Growler’s Rock is interesting. In the way that it seems to have the typical dark vibe that would make you terrified of walking through a forest … Continue reading Bad Day at Growler’s Rock by The Wattingers Album Review

Phoenix Alternative Festival report

Llanfyllin is a small town in North Wales. Easily accessible from the M56, it’s home to the Llanfyllin Workhouse. Originally a workhouse for inmates, it was opened in 1837 and operated until 1930. It was taken over until 1983 when it closed it’s doors after operating as a care home. Following a very short stint as an outdoor pursuits centre, it remained closed until 2008 when local residents attained full ownership and transformed it into a Community Centre. Continue reading “Phoenix Alternative Festival report”