Countdown to Whitby Goth Weekend

Embed from Getty Images Starting on October 31st and running for three days, there’s less than three weeks to go until Whitby Goth Weekend, where thousands of people will descend on the small coastal town. From Goths, Emos, Bikers and Metallers to Punks and steampunks; Whitby Goth Weekend is a hive of activity, people dressing up, showing off their costuming skills or simply meeting up with friends. Up until the start of the event, I’ll be posting various articles on what to expect, but please also read previous articles on how to conduct one’s self when photographing people. In this … Continue reading Countdown to Whitby Goth Weekend

Apothecarium alternative craft fair at The Civic, Barnsley


The Panorama
29 November 2014
10am – 4pm
Free Admission

Apothecarium @ The Civic is a delicious addition to the South Yorkshire craft scene. Featuring a variety of different makers, this fair will concentrate on the alternative side of craft, encompassing all things gothic, steampunk, rock, punk and geek. Continue reading “Apothecarium alternative craft fair at The Civic, Barnsley”

The problem with photographers

steampunk couple
There are plenty of ways to get a good photograph of a steampunk
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As a photographer, I’m always on the look out for subjects to photograph and that’s one of the many reasons why steampunk appeals to me. I love the creation, the Victorian splendour, the smart clothes of the gentlemen and the shape that a corset produces on ladies. I have to admit that sometimes I feel a little ashamed of that previous point. I feel as though it somehow brings me down to a more primal attitude to women because I’m looking at the shape of their body and not the photographic element. But then as I sit back and look in more detail, I realise that in fact, I like how that shape looks in the rectangular frame of a photograph. Continue reading “The problem with photographers”

Poll: Steampunk rules

As steampunk becomes more and more popular in everyday culture, people will jump on the band wagon, releasing steampunk products which are of an inferior quality/look but will inevitably be more successful due to aggressive marketing. To that end, should steampunk introduce certain rules to maintain the fundamental elements that we consider so important? What rules should they be? Cast your vote and have your say in the comments box below. Related articles Poll: Pipe or no pipe? Always Alternative: steampunk watch brooch Leeds steampunk Christmas Market 2013 Haworth steampunk festival 2013 Best examples: Corsets Continue reading Poll: Steampunk rules