Three days remain until Asylum – take pictures the right way

With Asylum nearly here, the talk has already turned to the photographers that harrass and annoy everyone. The ones that see an event as a way for them to get some free photographs. While many steampunks are happy to have their photograph taken, not all are. ALWAYS ASK FIRST and you should respect their wishes if they say no. I wrote an article for Whitby Goth Weekend as they have a terrible time with it. Have a read if you’re thinking of taking a camera and pass this round to anyone you know who may be doing the same: Being … Continue reading Three days remain until Asylum – take pictures the right way

Lady Clankington announces 2014 schedule

Lady Clankington, the Penthouse favourite and steampunk has announced her 2014 schedule with a post on Steampunk Revolution Facebook page. The image complete with a topless image of Lady C – model Sarah Hunter – caused quite a stir as she forgot to edit out her nipples. She has now re-uploaded a safer image complete with Photoshop pasties. The good news is that she will be coming to good old Blighty for the Whitby Goth Weekend later in the year. I’m trying to secure an interview with her while she’s over here. Here’s a link to the original image for … Continue reading Lady Clankington announces 2014 schedule

Haworth steampunk festival 2013

Companies that attended the Haworth steampunk weekend 2013
Companies that attended the Haworth steampunk weekend 2013

I had the pleasure of attending the Haworth steampunk festival this weekend. It was wonderful to get out of my stuffy office and get to meet some of you. The drive into Haworth is a mixture of tedium and delight. From my base, I had to traverse motorways and drive through a number of towns until I entered the glorious Yorkshire countryside on my approach. Continue reading “Haworth steampunk festival 2013”

Leeds Steampunk Market

As Brian Glover (a hero of mine) once said in an advertisement for the Bradford Film and Television museum: “Yoo-erkshire: biggest county in’t land. W’it biggest lads and’t biggest puddin’s. Anything smaller, is for southerners.” So it seems appropriate that Leeds will be host to a large Steampunk Market. The Market will be taking place on the October 5 – 6, 2013. On Saturday, the opening times are 10-5, while Sunday has a later opening of 12pm and ends at 5pm. It’s located at the Leeds Industrial Museum at Armley Mills, Canal Road, Armley, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS12 2QF. Do … Continue reading Leeds Steampunk Market